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Huawei sends letter to every federal MP explaining all the ways it isn't a traitor

After last week’s government attacks towards Huawei, the Chinese telecommunication gear giant has hit back in an attempt to make sure it’s allowed to compete in tenders for upcoming 5G networks in Australia. Huawei has published a letter it has sent to to every federal MP, explaining how it totally is not a pawn of the Chinese communist regime, 100% does not spy on its customers or send secret info back to China and points to independent security evaluation programs in the UK, Canada and NZ as proof Huawei gear should be used in Australia too. Huawei also published a 40-page brochure about all the Australian companies it has already infiltrated using its gear. I get the feeling that current and future governments are so keen not to look like they’re giving an inch to any Chinese interests, that they’ll ban Huawei from government contracts as it’s an easy score.

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