HP claims fake ink cartridges can contain malware & says when you buy a printer they're investing in you

Also in CEOs opening their big mouths and causing trouble, HP's CEO (not HPE, who make the servers and shit, the other HP) got on CBNC and said you should only ever buy genuine HP ink cartridges because "we have seen that you can embed viruses into cartridges, through the cartridge go to the printer, from the printer go to the network, so it can create many more problems for customers" - which sounds like bullshit, but it's true (yeah I'm surprised as well). That said, the chip is there because you put it there Mr. HP, nobody asked for it, you made the security risk to protect your ink business! The CEO also said "every time a customer buys a printer, it's an investment for us. We are investing in that customer, and if that customer doesn't print enough or doesn't use our supplies, it's a bad investment". What a bizarre way to think about someone that just wants to print some stuff out. I'm not an investment! I'm just a person that wants to put some ink on paper!!

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